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Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders has been building vehicles for over 18 years. With operational offices in Cape Town and a smaller division in Victoria Falls, we are able to custom-build vehicles all over Southern Africa.
We have a great range of vehicles ranging from 7-seaters to larger trucks and custom-built vehicles. With a team of enthusiastic vehicle experts, Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders can offer you exactly what you are looking for!


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What we do

    We are able to custom-make, adapt and build any vehicle... to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of smaller (7 to 12- seater) 4x4 safari vehicles as well as non-4x4 vehicles and larger trucks. As our vehicles are customizable, we can offer your unique features, such as; pop-up roofs, larger than normal windows for game viewing, fridges, extra luggage

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What we do