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12-seater OPEN

  • “Rafiki” is one of our 12-seater vehicles that we provide for our African Luxury Hideaways. It’s a game-viewing vehicle that is based as the lodge where our clients stay over, and used to take you on game drives around the various Game Reserves and National Parks that we feature in our safari packages.
  • These 12-seater land cruisers are all custom-designed and built by Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders and can accommodate 12 travellers who choose to stay at a lodge. However, when being used for FIT clients, it becomes an 8-seater vehicle with only the window-seat being occupied.
  • Like the other vehicles in our fleet, the 12-seater has been tailor-made to suit the needs of the terrain while offering you the maximum comfort while on a game viewing trip.
  • Each of the doors on the 12-seater open game viewing vehicle has a fold down stair for each access and disembarking, and the raised seating maximises viewing capabilities.
  • A key custom design point of our fleet of safari land cruisers, which is also a feature of the open 12-seater land cruiser, is the pop-up roof, which offers travellers a better view for game viewing – and a leg stretch – by allowing them to stand on their seats and look out from above the vehicle, offering an excellent line of sight for game viewing in the African bush.
  • The 4×4 feature of the 12-seater land cruisers allows you to venture off the beaten track and enhance your African safari adventure by exploring the wilderness in a safe and efficient manner.
  • The front glass above the windscreen of the open 12-seater land cruiser game viewing vehicle can be opened to increase visibility, making it a lover-of-wildlife-photography’s dream.
  • However, since we do understand that it can get chilly while out on a game drive, we have also built the open 12-seater game viewing vehicle with the capability to be closed on the sides to ensure protection from the weather.
  • To find out more about our custom open 12-seater land cruisers, please feel free to contact us at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders. Also feel free to contact us with regards to the other vehicles we feature in our fleet, as well as the wide array of African safaris that we have designed for your personal safari experience enjoyment.