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Tailor-Made Vehicles

  • We at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders aren’t just able to offer the services of our vehicles and over landers to you for your safari trips. We’re also available to custom-design and build a vehicle that’ll suit your exact needs and cater to the ideal kind of safari trip that you desire.
  • We are more than capable of advising you when it comes to the kind of vehicle you may require for your intended trip, having built up years of experience on safari and in building custom vehicles, and put our expertise to good use by recommending travellers embarking on journey in East Africa would best make do with our 7-sater land cruisers, for example.
  • There are some custom designed characteristics of our fleet of over landers that we like to provide for our clients, and can recommend them to you when it comes to your custom designed safari vehicle.
  • Each of the custom designed vehicles that we build, are created with specific purposes in mind. These purposes are the comfort of travellers aboard the vehicles, regardless of the oft times bumpy terrain, and efficient storage of any and all necessities that a trek through the bushveld may require.
  • We also place visibility as a top priority in the vehicles we build for safaris, as it enhances the safari experience and allows all the passengers aboard to often have their own window seat through which you can witness the marvels of the magnificent animals of Africa.
  • We often place an on-board fridge between the two back seats of the land cruiser, which provides you and your fellow travellers with a place to store your snacks and drinks while enjoy a safari through the African wild.
  • Due to the height of our custom-built land cruisers, each travellers is aided by a fold-down stair and a conveniently placed exterior door handle, which makes movement into and out of the vehicles a breeze. The front left seats are also made to fold upwards, which helps you to reach the back of the vehicle with ease.
    Safety is a top priority for us at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders and it is one reason why we ensure that every seat on every custom vehicle that we build has its own safety belt, enabling you and your fellow travellers to strap in safely while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Our custom-built vehicles can be equipped with air-conditioning, if you wish, which we find handy in our own tour vehicles when it comes to keeping our clients comfortable despite the high temperatures and the harsh rays of the African sun. We also like to tint the windows, and find this a helpful tool in keeping the vehicle cool without compromising the viewing capabilities of our clients.
  • Your custom-built vehicle can feature an on-board charging facility, the likes of which we feature on our over landers to enable travellers to charge their cameras and mobile phones, so that they never miss a minute of the action because of a dead battery.
  • One of the most important features of our fleet of safari vehicles, and one which you can include in your custom-built vehicle from us, is that of its pop-up roofs and its unique opening system.
  • While most normal safari vehicles have sideways opening windows, ours custom windows drop down windows, not only offering a bigger opening area through which you’ll be able to views the magnificent wildlife and landscapes of Africa, but also enabling you and your fellow travellers to take photographs from inside the vehicle without obstructing one another’s view.
  • The pop-up roof is an innovative characteristic of any Jenman safari over lander and a design element that we’re particularly proud of. It offers shade from the sun, whilst allowing the travellers aboard the vehicle to stand on their seats and get a better view (and a sometimes much needed leg stretch) by looking through the gap of the pop-up roof.
  • Coach Builders as examples to you of the expertise and knowledge we apply to every vehicle that we build. And we’re more than happy to apply that same knowledge and expertise to your own custom-built vehicle.
    So if you need a custom-built safari vehicle, then look no further. With over 18 years of experience behind us and a dedicated team of incredibly talented individuals, we’re more than ready and equally as willing to give you the exact safari vehicle you’re looking for!