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  • The 10-seater land cruiser is a 4×4 vehicle which is custom-designed and built by Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders. It’s a unique, purpose-built vehicle which has been specifically developed to ensure that you get the best safari experience that you can get, in the safest possible manner.
  • We at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders take great pride in our vehicles and our safari experience, and it’s for these purposes that we have designed and built our fleet of land cruisers, that are unrivalled and unsurpassed in the land of safari.
  • Our 10-seater land cruiser features 10 forward-facing seats, each with their own seatbelts for your protection and safety; seven of which are window seats that allow travellers with optimal game viewing.
  • The vehicle has large, slightly tinted windows that not only increase the viewing capacity of the travellers aboard the vehicle, but also protect you from the hot African sun during your time spent exploring the African bush.
  • A design point that we’re particularly proud of in our safari vehicles is the beautiful canopy mounted on the side that provides shade for midday picnics and sunset viewing. A roof-rack for luggage leaves the sizeable inside of the vehicle uncluttered, so that you’re able to move around freely and capture the many memorable moments during your African safari.
  • Our 10-seater land cruiser can tackle any terrain, including rivers, with its mounted snorkel, meaning that you’ll be able to get close to the action regardless of the obstacles in your way. The vehicles we design and build are also extremely economical on fuel due to the naturally aspirated diesel engine, and two diesel tanks that mean you can travel far and wide without worry about running out of fuel.
  • Another design point which makes our safari vehicles incredibly unique and enhances your safari experience, is the hatchet roofs that pop up. These pop-up roofs give you a better view for watching wildlife by standing on your seats, and also enable you to stretch your legs for a bit, without worry.
  • The 10-seater land cruiser is suitable for use on night safaris as well, with three big lights inside and one huge floodlight outside.
  • When it comes to safety, we put you first. All of our vehicles are tracked at all times using a Netstar tracking system. They are equipped with fire extinguishers, a compressor for pumping up tyres, two batteries, and airbags. We also put object our fleet of safari vehicles to roadworthy tests once a year, to make sure they’re up to scratch and in the best possible condition for use by you.
  • If you’re joining us on one of our adventure safaris, then our land cruisers are fitted with a safari trailer which is fully equipped with a safari kitchen and a fridge for your convenience. When it comes to our fleet of land cruisers, many of these incredible features are standard ensuring that your safari experience in our vehicles is the best it can be.
  • Contact us to find out more about the 10-seater land cruisers we featured at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders, or feel free to find out about the range of safari tour packages we offer that could see you sitting in one of our safari vehicles sometime soon!