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Land Cruiser XR

  • Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders is proud to feature an extensive range of vehicles to suit your travel needs. Travellers embarking on journeys in East Africa are recommended the use of our Land Cruiser XR. These purpose-built vehicles are designed for both comfort despite bumpy terrain, and efficient storage. Those who journey aboard the Land Cruiser XR are each afforded a window seat, from which to view the many sights and wonders of Africa.
  • Between the two back seats of the land cruiser, an on-board fridge can be found, in which intrepid travellers can store snacks and drinks.
  • In terms of getting into and departing from the vehicle, travellers are aided by a fold-down stair, as well as a conveniently placed exterior door handle, to make movement easy and safe. The front left seat also folds upwards, enabling travellers to reach the back of the vehicle easily.
  • When it comes to safety while travelling, we at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders have ensured that each seat in the Land Cruiser XR has its own safety belt so as to strap travellers in when the vehicle is in motion. For comfort purposes, the Land Cruiser XR is equipped with air-conditioning and tinted windows to ensure maximum comfort for travellers from the high temperatures, as well as an on-board charging facility, which travellers can make use of for charging their cameras and mobile phones, meaning you’ll never miss out on the action because of a dead battery.
  • The 7-seater Land Cruiser XR is unlike other normal safari vehicles in the regard of its unique opening system. Most normal safari vehicles have sideways sliding windows, which can be inhibiting when it comes to taking photographs from inside the vehicle. The Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders’ 7-seater Land Cruiser XR has drop down windows that offers a bigger opening area through which you’ll be able to capture the magnificent wildlife and landscapes of East Africa.
  • The very special cherry-on-the-top of the Jenman Land Cruiser XR is its pop-up roof. Designed as a single roof structure, the pop-up roof offers shade from the African sun while enabling travellers to stand on the seats of the vehicle for a better view and a sometimes much-needed leg stretch!