Now anyone can own a custom vehicle … Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders

Jenman Vehicle & Coach Builders, also known as JVCB, specialises in producing safari vehicles, from 4×4 7-seater game viewers to 4×4 12-seater comfort trucks. JVCB employs a team of vastly experienced tradesmen who all specialise in vehicle building, custom adaption and vehicle safety ensuring that your clients only travel in the very best vehicles out there… but, that is not all we do, we are also able to custom-build anything you want – put us to the challenge!.

Land Cruiser XR

This is one of our smaller vehicles with 7 forward facing spacious seats in a land cruiser 4x4 design...

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Land Cruiser XD

The 10-seater Land Cruiser XD is a 4×4 vehicle which is custom-designed and built by Jenman Vehicle

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We at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders currently feature our 12-seater land cruisers in our safari packages

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Tailor-Made Vehicles

We at Jenman Vehicle and Coach Builders aren’t just able to offer the services of our vehicles and

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